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GCA is a leading regional company in policy, business, media and communications. We provide governments, political parties, major corporations, media groups and individuals with strategic counseling on how to achieve their goals.

In addition, we provide strategic partnership counseling which involves finding the right partners for developing businesses which need fresh capitalization and latest know-how. We also provide risk-assessments and in-depth backgrounders into potential partners as well as image restoration.

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The team of more than 50 dedicated professionals and experts is led by

Jovan Kovacic

GCA CEO Global, East West Bridge President, member of the Trilateral Commission Executive Committee and Chairman of the Serbian National Group of the Trilateral Commission. Senior partner in Kovacic&Spaic, a leading Serbian PR firm. Jovan just hosted the landmark, 38th European Session of the Trilateral Commission in Belgrade from Oct 31 to Nov 2, 2014.

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The world political scene, financial and business markets, legislation are in constant flux. Government, stakeholders, policy-setters come and go, laws and regulations change so do business and financial and political practices change. To successfully navigate the maze of corridors in Brussels, Moscow, Tokyo, Beijing, Washington, Johannesburg or anywhere else, avoid making a wrong turn or move and help clients achieve their goals as easily, speedily and effectively as possible, GCA has specialist consultants in each area to successfully overcome any problems facing the client.

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In cooperation with its partners, GCA has helped run 56 successful political campaigns and elect 52 state presidents and governments worldwide.

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GCA is proud to lend its support to or be associated with many notable organizations.

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