The world political scene, financial and business markets, legislation are in constant flux. Government, stakeholders, policy-setters come and go, laws and regulations change so do business and financial and political practices change. To successfully navigate the maze of corridors in Brussels, Moscow, Tokyo, Beijing, Washington, Johannesburg or anywhere else, avoid making a wrong turn or move and help clients achieve their goals as easily, speedily and effectively as possible, GCA has specialist consultants in each area to successfully overcome any problems facing the client.


The Balkan political scene and budding common market is unique in Europe. It is burdened by effects of recent wars, economic and political transition and EU integration drive along with the common desire to communicate with European Union (EU) institutions, EU member states, USA and Russia. To successfully tackle these issues, GCA have specialist consultants in each area to successfully overcome any problems that might hamper clients in becoming a successful business in the region.

Our specialties in the region include:

  • Public Affairs/Public Diplomacy
  • International and Internal Public Relations
  • Balkan Public Relations
  • Public Policy communications
  • Crisis communications
  • CEO and corporate reputation building
  • Lobbying both in the respective Balkan capitals and in the EU member states, USA, Russia and the Middle East
  • Events expertise
  • Risk Assessment
  • Political campaigns
  • CSR drives and charity events
  • Digital management and latest technology for marketing, messaging or popularity boosting

Problem Solving and Getting the Job Done

While aims and approaches to communication and lobbying may differ from organisation to organization and country to country, some elements are common to them all regardless of the issue, goal or audience.

There are many elements to our problem solving, including:

  • Research analyses and audits
  • Action plan and message development
  • Position action and statements
  • Scenario planning and focusing
  • Action implementation
  • Editorial services and media campaigns
  • Spokesperson training (with our partners)
  • Monitoring (with our partners)

Case study for success: The Three Stages - Familiarization; Trust; and Utility

A familiarisation process is necessary to introduce our clients in a new light to key decision makers and influencers either in the Balkan capitals or in the West. This period is used to establish an understanding and empathy for the client and the company. Efforts during this process are also invested to identify openings in policy, geo-strategic events, economic opportunities, and other potential areas with prospect to develop commonality and advance personal relationships with target audiences.

Continuing high-level contact with sympathetic decision-makers, influencers and expert public opinion makers is enhanced by an even more intense public relations program, promoting the benefits to the West/Balkans of working with the client. This period involves choreographed exchanges to build comfort and gain trust, each of which acquire the credibility necessary to proceed to the next level of advocacy. After developing understanding and trust for the client, comes to rely on the company to help advance its interests and bridge its issues towards some other concerned entity as well as becoming an integrated part of the society, business or system.